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Pre Workout Powders

One of the biggest components of physical health is nutrition. While workouts are an integral part of both physical and mental health, most experts say that 20% of the battle is exercise, and 80% is the food -- or fuel -- that we put in our bodies.

But what does that mean when it comes to working out? For heavy lifting and intense exercise, getting the proper nutrients before, during, and after a workout is essential to improving your performance and getting the gains you want to see. A proper nutritional regimen can result in increased strength and muscle growth and a reduction in body fat.

To get started, you first need to understand what your body considers fuel. Before a workout, your glycogen stores are lower. Consider these stores the fuel that feeds a well-running machine. If these reserves are depleted, your body will resort to depleting your muscle in order to make up for the energy being lost. To combat this, a pre-workout nutritional regime is essential.

For optimal pre-workout nutrition, try to eat one to two hours prior to training. Since many find food difficult to digest, pre-workout powders are an excellent option for giving your body the proper fuel to crush that next workout.

So which kinds of pre-workout powders should you be looking for? When choosing a powder, look for something fast-acting that will quickly and easily be absorbed into the bloodstream. Many pre-workout powders contain a natural stimulant such as caffeine. According to research, caffeine taken 30 minutes before working out can increase your endurance and performance. If you are looking to burn body fat, build muscle, or otherwise meet any other fitness goals, make sure to choose a pre-workout powder that has the nutrients your body needs.

Now that you have the key to proper nutrition, check out some of Platinum Labs pre-workout formulas designed to help you feel the burn and see the results you've been looking for.


Defcon1 is Platinum Labs revolutionary thermonuclear pre-workout formula. Giving you the highest level of alert, Defcon1 was formulated to provide tactical focus and artillery strength. 1 scoop will give you mighty muscle pumps and zero fallout from the dreaded crash! Defcon1 was awarded not just “Pre-workout of the year” at the Arnold Classic Australian supplement awards but the most prestigious award “Supplement of the year”. Defcon1 is the perfect fusion of clinically dosed ingredients including:

Creatine HCL 750mg 
for a massive surge of strength.

Agmatine sulfate & Betaine
leaves you pumped for hours after.

CDP Choline & L-Tryptophan 
keeps you focused on nothing but destroying your workout.

Higenamine, Advantra-Z, Dendrobium 
provides a massive energy surge so you leave the gym in ruins.