Make This Year's New Year's Fitness Resolution Last

Every New Year brings an opportunity for a new you. Your New Year's Fitness Resolutions can have tremendous impact on your health and wellness, but they need to continue beyond the quick infatuation stage. Now is the time to make a plan that will last throughout the year: a plan that includes a healthy eating program, exercise routine and the proper supplements. You also need a way to monitor your progress and keep you on track to meet your fitness goals throughout the year.

Evaluate and Move

Before you begin your New Year's Resolution fitness choices, consider your current physical activity level. Are you on the move every day? Or, do you tend to be active only on the weekends? Once you establish a starting point, you can determine a reasonable activity level for your emotional, physical, and scheduling needs. For instance, if you currently exercise once a week, aim for three days a week instead of six. Your workout frequency can be adjusted as your fitness level improves. This is also a wonderful time to let go of any prior-year set-backs. Instead of focusing on the resolutions you did not complete, use those as stepping stones toward your ultimate bodybuilding goal.

Be Smart

When you begin choosing your fitness goals, use the acronym SMART to help guide your choices.

  • Specific fitness goals are items such as losing five pounds, or being able to bench press 100 pounds.

  • Measurable fitness goals are those that can be monitored, such as clothing size or weight volume.

  • Attainable fitness goals are within your physical, mental, scheduling, and financial limits.

  • Realistic fitness goals are ones that fit your body type and fitness level. For instance, if you have a larger bone structure, setting a goal to wear a Size 2 may not be realistic.

  • Timely fitness goals set a date for your accomplishment. Again, set this date to also be realistic. For example, if your resolution is to lose 10 pounds by March, you can set a goal to lose one pound a week. This helps set a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely goal.

Eat Healthy

Your New Year's Resolution does not mean that you have to avoid your favorite foods. If you are not already following a healthy eating plan, select a diet that includes a variety of foods and eat within moderation. Determine the proper calorie intake for your health, body type, and weight loss, or weight gain goals. Begin your day with a protein-packed meal to fuel your brain and improve your muscle recovery. This will also lessen your hunger throughout the day.

Include supplements such as PlatinumLabs 24-Hour Fat Burn Solution to support your bodybuilding efforts by keeping your metabolism elevated. PlatinumLabs includes compounds that help to increase your fat-burning potential, suppress hunger, provide energy, and release excess water. These supplements complement most fitness goals and may help give you energy. Plus, the 24-Hour Fat Burn Solution helps to stabilize your mood, which may be less than enthusiastic if you have changed your diet and exercise program.

Staying Motivated

Start your fitness program gradually and pace yourself to avoid burnout and injuries. You want to maintain your routine throughout the year, and you should probably adjust your goals as you progress. Once you reach your weight loss goal, you may decide you want to train for an event such as a marathon, bodybuilding competition, or triathlon. Set your new goal using the SMART principles.

Use a variety of exercise types to keep your motivation. Include strength training, cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, and balance into your week to prevent boredom and enhance your overall health and wellness.

Enlist the help of a friend or partner who will exercise with you. It helps when you have an appointment with your friend - you are less likely to skip your workouts.

Keep your workout clothes in the car, if needed, so that you can stop at the gym after work without going home first.

Forgive yourself if you have a setback. Do not stress over it, but continue on your new path as soon as possible.

Listen to your body and work within your daily limitations.

Have fun with your fitness and try something new. For instance, rock climb instead of strength training one day to stimulate your upper body and adrenaline.

These tips and fitness goals will help you to make your New Year's Resolution last.