The Live Play by Play will be run by Platinum Labs Media Manager Xavier Wills.

*Please note we we not get to all competitors due to the amount


12.39pm FIGURE OVERALL WINNER Anita Ramsdale

Mens Open Class 4 (Over 180cm)

1st Danny Pavlovich – Conditioning is out of control, epseically through his legs. Great amount of muscle.

2nd Ryan Rowlands – Awesome full barrel chest, round muscle bellies and in condition.

3rd Danni T Terepo

4th Toby Webb – Great triceps, Upper body looks great in back double. Legs could be harder.

5th Dylan Tran – Tiny waist, condition is good.


Mens Open Class 3 (175.1-180cm)

1st Henry Heta

2nd Andrew Eloury

3rd Aidan Sedgman

4th Ryan Deveraux



Mens Open Class 2 (170.1-175cm)

1st Aaron Shigrov

2nd Ben Sands

3rd Steve Arnold

4th Asmadi Talip

5th Nick Kaya