Whether you want to believe it or not, one pound of fat is exactly that — one pound of fat. If you were to burn 3,500 calories, this would equate to the same one pound of fat loss. You may need extra help to burn off those unwanted calories. However, you have to be open to the challenge of losing weight and also open to the idea of trying a supplement. Have you considered the effectiveness of lifting weights in an attempt to lose weight? Did you know that by combining proven supplements with weight lifting, you can increase your odds for losing those unwanted pounds?

The Reasons

In a nutshell, lifting weight helps you to burn calories from fat. Aerobics, on the other hand, will let you lose calories, but you also lose muscles. Weight lifting builds your muscles — in addition to helping you to lose calories. When you lift weights, you still burn calories, even while you are sleeping. With aerobics or jogging, you lose calories during the exercise and shortly after, but not so much while you are sleeping. For these reasons, weight lifting is one of the fastest routes to weight loss.

Making the Change

Once you decide to make the change from being sedentary to active, you have to understand that serious change will force you to accept new challenges. You also have to be aware that weight loss using cardiovascular methods will reduce your muscle mass. This means that you have to now start building those muscles with weight lifting. When you build your muscles, it helps to burn the fat. If you haven't thought about weight lifting, it is time to do so. Your health will be positively affected and so will your appearance. Weight lifting will not only speed up your weight loss, but also increase your energy throughout the day and allow you to rest easily at night. It is time to examine your situation and get in the gym to lift weights and lose weight.

With weight lifting can help you in these ways:

  • Burn fat 40 percent faster
  • Clothes fit better
  • Improvement in your diet
  • Build stronger bones
  • Get in shape quicker
  • Increase your metabolism to burn fat faster

Change and Challenge

When you exercise, especially lifting weights, your body goes through a certain amount of stress. Remember, your body is not used to this extra activity. You have to put moderate stress on the body. The challenge is to learn how to recover from your body building routines and how to incorporate the proper nutrition in order to see change. To get your body conditioned, it is best to assert yourself by changing your workout speed, load, rest and nutrition. In other words, you must have balance. If you have an exclusive goal to lose a certain number of pounds and don't have the advantage of having a personal trainer, you will definitely need some added help that supplementation could provide. This is one way to see the change after you make a switch from following the same routine.

Burning Fat from Muscles

Lifting weights is the ideal option for reducing belly fat. It is the single most efficient method of acquiring a lean body and yet many women are hesitant. Yes, when you work out, you increase the set metabolic rate or calories burned while your body is at rest. Unlike fat, muscles need calories for sustenance. When you exercise the muscles through weight lifting, your muscles will burn those calories at a higher rate than jogging. However, when you add a fat burner supplement to the mix, it enhances your chances of losing weight while building muscles. The more you build your muscles, the more calories you will burn to lose weight faster.

What is Next?

Get in the gym and start lifting weights. Add the 24 Hour Fat Burn Stack supplements to your exercise regime and see the results in no time. Be sure to include proper rest time and the right nutrition too.