Many people around the world everyday are diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes & many others are pre-diabetic, or are insulin resistant. This not only affects their health, but it also can greatly affect their physique goals in a negative way.

What is Insulin Resistance? The simplest way to explain Insulin Resistance iswhere the body produces insulin, but the body does not effectively use that insulin to create glucose.Glucose instead builds up in the bloodstream instead of being absorbed by the cells. When eating carbohydrates people with insulin resistance over secrete insulin, which typically leads to excess fat storage.

Below are our 5 tips to increase insulin sensitive & to lower your Resting Blood Glucose Levels.

    • Eat more Fiber Fiber is extremely important to managing your blood glucose levels, be it through food or supplement sources. Insulin is secreted byeating either carbohydrates or fast absorbing forms of protein. Fiber will slow the digestion of sugars & fast releasing sources of protein making the spike & secretion in insulin less.
    • Make sure you get enough sleep! Studies have shown that untreated sleep disorders are linked to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance & obesity. If you do suffer from, or think you may suffer from sleep apnea then it’s important to seek advice from a medical professional on the matter.
    • Add insulin mimickers There are certain supplements & spices that mimic the role of insulin in the body, thus your body requires less insulin to shuttle glucose to the cells. Some of those are as follows:

Cinnamon (2g+)

Alpha Lipoic Acids



    So if you’re looking to blunt the secretion of insulin somewhat, add one of the above to your meals or directly before meals.
  • Eat a high fat/low carb breakfast! Eating high fats in the morning & keeping carbs to a minimum has gained momentum & popularity for helping treat insulin resistance & lowering blood glucose levels. Typically the body is most insulin sensitive upon waking & post workout. The difference is post workout we’re refueling our muscles with the glycogen we lost during our workout & spiking insulin at that time may produce more of an anabolic anabolic response & nutrient uptake. Eating high fats in the morning essentially let’s your body know that fat is the fuel source for the day, so when carbs are introduced later in the day the body simply switches the preferred fuel source (as carbs are always a preferred fuel source by the body), & you don’t typically get the insulin spike you’d get eating high carbs first thing in the morning.
  • Exercise Exercise increases insulin sensitivity & the need for glucose. The muscles post workout (especially after anaerobic exercise) your muscles are desperate to replenish glycogen. After exercises the body can remain in a more insulin sensitive state for up to 24 hours!