Fitness goals for many generally consist of 3 keys factors which include the training, nutrition/supplementation & perhaps the most important aspect to putting the Nutrition & Training into action which is your Mindset.

  1. Train Mornings

If you typically struggle getting to the gym & lack motivation after work then try training mornings before work. It’ll start your day off the right way, and when you get home from work you can rest, which may help with sleep also.


  1. Food Shop After Eating

Do your shopping after eating a meal, when you go shopping on an empty stomach you tend to make worse food choices, which puts those unhealthy foods in your house, which tends to making it more tempting to eat.


  1. Take 10mins for yourself every day

The word meditation tends to have a negative connotation, but clearing the mind can make you feel less overwhelmed and therefor allows you to be more focused on your goals. Take 10mins for yourself either each morning or on a lunch break to close your eyes and just be silent with no distractions, you’ll find after doing this you’ll feel much more relaxed & your mind will be much clearer.