fasted cardio

People asking about fasted cardio have often approached me asking what it is, what it does and the best way to do it.

Fasted cardio is to be done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach in order to maximize the burning of fat storage cells.

While doing the fasted cardio, the body will need energy and without food in your stomach to form into energy it will look for another way. The body will then utilize your body’s storage cells and mobilize the fat to be used and burnt as energy.  

Be aware that your body will also breakdown you lean muscle and turn it into energy to be used. This is where your supplementation comes in and is very important.  The Platinum Labs Amino Grow with is BCAA blend is perfect for protecting your lean muscle from being broken down and the body utilizing your fat storage cells to be burnt off.


I find the best way to maximize results:

-Wake and have my Opti-Burn 20mins before my workout for fasted cardio. (The opti-burn will use its thermogenesis to boost your metabolic rate, L-Carnitine to transfer more fat cells to be burnt as energy, and Mood Enhancer/Advanced Energy to not just give the energy to get to the gym but to get you excited about it.)

-Workout for 30-60mins. I like to use the Treadmill, but you can use any machine or even go for a long walk out doors. The reason I say to walk is the cardio needs to be at a steady consistent pace.

-During the cardio, I make sure I’m getting a full severing of Amino Grow to ensure I’m reducing the muscle breakdown as much as possible.

-Then right after I finish, I have a severing of Whey protein for that fast absorption and then my first meal of the day immediately after that.  

Results will always vary from person to person, but during my comp prep this way always gives me the best results for hitting the stage. 

Article By:

Tommy Saggus



Carrier- With a worth of knowledge within the Health and Fitness industry, I have been lucky enough to be changing the lives of people for the past 8 years as a personal trainer. While also for the last couple of years I have been working as a personal training manager at one of Australia's largest 24/7 mega clubs, where I manage and mentor a large team of personal trainers.

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