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You don't have to be great to start, you just have to start - let the greatness come


Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Height: 179cm
Weight: 106kg/234lbs

Mitchell Vickridge was born and raised in Australia in his home town of Perth. As a national level gymnast for many years, Mitch left the world of competitive gymnastics and soon moved into lifting weights before competing as a bodybuilder. Before competing at teen nationals in 2012, Mitch was diagnosed with Crohn's disease and hospitalized for over 2 weeks, losing nearly 20kg and becoming iron deficient anaemic. Day by day, he built himself back to enter the state championships as a junior in 2014, where he won his division and came runner up at nationals. He is currently undefeated 2 years running as a junior, and is looking to become competitive in the open weight class in 2016. His ultimate goal is to become the number 1 amateur bodybuilder by winning the IFBB Mr. Australia title and becoming a professional athlete.

- Stepping back on stage after being diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune disease, and winning the junior state title.
- Crowned Australia's runner up junior national champion.
- Remaining undefeated as a junior bodybuilder in Western Australia.
- Placing 5th in the men's final open U90kg at the first Amateur Arnold Classic in Melbourne, Australia.

Diet Chart

- 4-5 whole eggs
- 4-5 hash browns
- 4-5 pieces bacon
- 250-300g chicken breast
- 2 cups white rice
- 300-400g brocolli
- 250-300g lean steak
- 400g white/sweet potato
- 250-300g meat source
- 400g white/sweet potato or 2 cups white rice
serving of mixed vegetables
- Gourmet pizza or burger


- 20 minutes warm up/injury prevention
- 3x8-12 back squats (olympic depth)
- 3x8-12 leg press
- 4x12 leg extension
- 4x10-12 lying/seated hamstring curl
- 4x10-15 nordic curl
- 10 minutes non-stop lunging
- 10g EAA's
- 10g creatine
- 1 scoop Defcon1
- 1-2 scoop AminoGrow (Intra workout)
- 40g whey isolate
- 70-100g carb powder