1. Be committed 
Make sure your goal adds fuels to your fire and is something you are intensely passionate about 
2. Set targets 
Break down your goal into manageable time period 
3. Keep track of progress 
Tracking and  monitoring an important tool... If it is in terms of body composition make sure you on track by making regular visits (once every 3 months) for a body Como analysis...DEXA SCAN. If it is in terms of strength proper periodisation and testing will be important to make sure you are where you need to be for your contest 
4. Ask for help 
Never be afraid or too ignorant, this one point can make or break you. However choose very wisely 
5. Surround yourself with positivity 
Linking into number 4 .... Personally, I think if all else is implemented this too can make or break you. Too much love or hate and believing it has unstuck many a champion... Always be objective 
6. Visualisation 
Always believe you In yourself... Nobody else will!  
7. Be Consistent 
Groundhog is a great expression for champions who do what is needed to be done day in day out no many how monotonous or boring ... Never tempted ... Their eyes are always on the prize abs the big picture 
8. Mould your goals 
Life changes and throws curve balls at as. Make sure your goals grow in the direction you want your life to take you .... Happiness 
9. Celebrate 
Without reward, there is no return 
10. Write it down... Everywhere 
A goal not proclaimed in reality ... Is just a dream. 

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Name: Adam Dowling 
Age: 30
Height 6'4" 193cm 
Competitive weight 120kgs (265lbs) 
Offseason weight 136kgs (300lbs) 
Best lifts squat 340kg (750lbs) x 2 
Deadlift 360kg (800lbs) 
Martial status engaged 
Melbourne Australia
Instagram Address: @baller2beast
Sport: bodybuilding 
Competitive History:
2010 NABBA QLD championship class 1 2nd place 
2010 IFBB QLD championship heavyweight 1st place 
2012 NABBA QLD champs class 1 2nd place 
2012 IFBB Qld champs 2nd place 
2012 IFBB Australian champs 1st place Superheavyweight. (Mr Australia ) 
2015 IFBB Qld Superheavyweight class 2nd 
2015 Arnold Classic Australia finalist (6th) 
2016 IFBB Victoria championships Superheavyweight 1st 
Competitive Plans: Having a long and productive offseason, I plan on competing in the Arnold amateur in march in the Superheavyweight division and taking my passion as far as I can 
How I got into bodybuilding:  Coming  from an American college sports background competing in both basketball and football  at a division 1 level I have alway been a highly competitive athlete, after breaking my back in a tackle I was forced to strengthen my back through rehabilitation where I fell in love with the sport of bodybuilding. 
Profession: I am a dietitian and diabetes educator. Coming from a science background I also have a passion for sports supplementation and  increasing human performance. 
Favourite cheat food: Any decent burger joint 
Favourite Pre-Comp meal: kangaroo/ beef mince and rice 
and SUSHI! 
Favourite movie: Inception 
Favourite TV show: American dad 
Interests: Cooking, reading non-fiction, movies  science, surf sand and snow, Danielle??
Supplement  Stack 
AM: Anabolic Triad
Cardio: Optiburn 
Pre-Workout: Awaken 
Intra: Amino Grow + Black Ops 
Before bed: Optidreams 
Workout split 
Monday quads / hams 
Tuesday chest / arms / calves 
Wednesday back / hams
Thursday shoulders / arms / calves 
Friday Quads / hams 
Saturday arms / calves 
Sunday burgers :)