Boost Fat Burning With OPTIBURN

Shredding that unwanted and stubborn fat that seems to find a way to cling to your body no matter how hard you work out is a real challenge for anyone. Many of the products on the market will help in reducing fat, but they end up leaving you drained, jittery, low energy and even lowering your motivation to keep working.

For a top fat burning experience, combined with nutritional benefits of all the supplements produced by Platinum Labs, OPTIBURN Amped is the answer. As a top thermo powder, it was named the 2015 Australian Arnold Classic "Weight Loss Product of the Year".

We believe that any supplement needs to address more than just one isolated component of weight loss. To accomplish this, the OPTIBURN Amped incorporates five different aspects of weight loss, all which have the potential to sabotage even the most disciplined diet and workout routine.

Positive Perspective

Sometimes those last 20 pounds are more challenging to lose than the first 20 or more pounds. This is because the body is naturally holding on to those fat stores and it can make it seem like you will never reach your goal.

With a decrease in your positive thinking about your weight loss goals, it is easy to fall back into old habits. By addition Nelumbo Nucifera to our formulation, which is an extra from the very exotic flower and specifically the leaves, there is natural mood enhancer that helps you to stay focused, positive and on track.

Appetite Suppressant and Energy

Restrictive diets, even those that are only slightly restrictive can supercharge cravings for particular types of food. While synthetic appetite suppressants often have significant side effects and are not well-tolerated by most people, natural appetite suppressants are both highly effective and very well-tolerated.

However, a decrease in intake of food can leave you physically drained, even if you are mentally engaged and focused. To offset this aspect of dieting, Platinum Labs has added specific natural energy boosters that don't result in the jittery, anxious feeling that is so common with many of the other diet products.


The key to the Platinum Labs OPTIBURN Amped supplement is the use of thermogenic. This is the fat burning component of the supplement that actually promotes lipolysis or the breakdown of fat in the body. Think of these components as turning your body into a fat burning machine, speeding up your metabolism and maximizing the results of your diet and exercise routine.

With the combination of components in this supplement, the body is able to burn fat, give you the mood boost to stay focused and help to curb your appetite, which is the perfect combination for significant weight loss.