In our day and age, it is very easy to get confused with what the right way to go is about nutrition and fat loss.

Seemingly enough most of the population get their information from friends or family and the nutritional nonsense spreads like wildfire. Everyone wants that magic bullet to fast track results, be full of energy, look and feel better all year round. Often if you just step back from the nutritional nonsense, you will be able to steer yourself in the correct direction with general common sense. I will share with you what I see, a lot of simple but crucial mistakes that may be holding you back.


1.     Being impatient

When we first start working out or start a new diet we want instant results, but it takes the body longer to adapt. Fat loss results will take weeks to appear, muscle gain results will take months. Stay the course.


2.      Not drinking enough water

Most people walk around chronically dehydrated; the thirst mechanism is often mistaken for hunger. Shoot for a minimum of 2-3L per day.


3.     Refusing to eat foods you don’t like

There is no real solution to being unwilling to eat food you don’t like, except for suck it up and get over it, re-train your taste buds.


4.     Continuing to use the calorie counting approach to fat loss

You do not need to strictly calorie count to lose body fat and reduce hunger. Consider more efficient ways of creating an energy deficit (increase protein, eat more vegetables, work out)


5.     Thinking that there is a magic formula

People love to think there is a magic bullet that will just fix all their fat loss problems, sorry but there is not. There is no mystery or secret, simply eat high-quality meat, vegetables/plants and a few other select foods to fuel your workouts and recovery.


6.     Using sugar and high carb meals to give you energy

This is one of the most damaging misconceptions about the human’s metabolism. To sustain higher energy levels your body needs foods that have a higher array of amino acids (high-quality protein) activating energetic brain pathway. Eating high glycemic index carbohydrates and sugar makes you tired.


7.     Being scared of protein

High protein diets do not cause osteoporosis or bad kidneys these are common myths that seem to get spread around.

Studies show that high protein diets actually strengthen your bones, the amino acid content in protein is used to regenerate bones. Higher protein diets also increase lean body mass, which leads to better bone strength, and it improves the action of igf-1, which is a major regulator of bone metabolism.

There is no evidence that eating a high protein diet will give you kidney problems, however if you do have kidney problems you should consider reducing your protein intake. The one thing that is necessary when on a high protein diet is you need to eat a whole heap of vegetables and fruit to counter the acid load and decrease inflammation.


8.     Being scared of fat

It is amazing how many people are still scared of fat. With everything we know about fats its crazy to fear them with a well-structured nutrition plan. Fats help with easier fat loss; hold more muscle, better brain function, better reproductive health, less risk of depression, stronger bones, better immune function, better skin and yes, it is true, you do need to favor the “good fats” over the “bad” fats to achieve these benefits. The “good fats” are unrefined animal fat, fat from fish, and select fats from plants, such as avocado, olive, and nuts.

The “bad fats” are trans fats; hydrogenated fats and vegetable fats like those found in soy, peanut, sunflower and canola because they are highly refined and are high in omega-6 content.


9.     Being scared of carbs

There is no reason to be scared of carbohydrates, although lowering your carb intake in favor of a higher protein diet is the simplest way for fat loss.  Glucose is necessary for the conversion of thyroid hormone in the liver, a hormone that is essential for proper metabolism and energy production.

Carbs speed recovery from exercise, dramatically improve athletic performance, boost your mood and sleep. You do have to remember not all carbs are created equally from a nutritional standpoint so the key is to choose wisely. 

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Ty Lucas is a certified strength coach, bio-signature practitioner and is currently studying naturopathy. He is a strong believer is having healthy body function and hormonal profile, then getting the body to optimal body composition and performance levels. Ty the owner of Myathletes coaching which is one of the leading contest prep and body composition businesses in Australia.