We all know the story too well. From Monday to Friday you're an saint, killing it in your workouts, eating all of your nutrients and never missing pre and post workout supplements. But come Friday? Suddenly, you find yourself knee deep in pizza crusts and telling yourself that Monday will be better.

While eating well, getting your workouts in and being your healthiest five out of seven days per week is a great start, the key to optimal health and complete nutrition is discipline, even on the weekends.

But eating well doesn't have to be a bore. In fact, getting the proper nutrients your body needs can be a delicious endeavor. Here are four ways to eat clean on the weekend:

1. Water is Your Best Friend
While this may seem extremely obvious, staying hydrated is one of the most important and easiest ways to keep our bodies healthy. Drinking ample amounts of water will help to aid digestion, clear your body of antioxidants and impurities, and help you to distinguish hunger from thirst.

2. Cook at Home
Sunday brunch is great and Saturday dinner is fun, but fitting both into one weekend can invite a great deal of temptation and extra calories, fat, and carbohydrates into your diet. Instead, allocate one meal of your weekend as your time to eat out and let loose, and other than that, stick to home-cooked meals. A home-cooked brunch or dinner ensures that your portions are in check, and that healthy ingredients were used.

3. Add Produce to Every Meal
Whether it's fruits or vegetables, adding produce to every meal you eat ensures that you're getting the fuel you need to power through your weekend without hunger or temptation for unhealthy foods. In fact, a study recently revealed that less than 1% of individuals get enough nutrients from their diet alone.

4. Opt for Supplements and Shakes
And because many don't get the nutrients they need from diet alone, those who workout especially need to make sure that they are getting the most out of their nutrition plans. Adding pre and post workout recovery supplement shakes to your weekend routine will ensure that your body is fueled and ready for whatever is ahead of you. And these shakes aren't only filling, they also can improve your performance by up to 10% -- especially caffeine supplements. In fact, caffeine supplements are said to drastically improve your endurance when taken before a race, game, or intense workout.