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Platinum Labs is one of the fastest growing supplement companies dedicated to providing the highest standard of innovative consumer health products in the world. Fiercely focused on becoming the most trusted, reliable and cutting-edge manufacturer of supplements on the planet, Platinum Labs is recognised by industry leaders, represented by the best athletes, and run by some of the finest business minds in the industry.

In two short years Platinum Labs has grown from a suburban two-man operation into an international corporation with unrivalled products and phenomenal success. Uninterested in replicating the approach of others by producing a rebranded and unoriginal product, Platinum Labs laboured to create the best formulas from the highest quality ingredients to achieve the greatest results.

From its inception it has stood upon its own merit, seized on market inefficiencies, and pioneered a new path in a saturated market. Massive popularity came quickly with the release of Defcon1 and Optiburn, and success was certified with four awards at the 2015 Australian Arnold Classic Supplement Awards, including Supplement of the Year.

Now, Platinum Labs’ headquarters and laboratory sit on the eastern seaboard of the United States, and its ever-growing distribution networks spread across the world. Its innovative minds continue to research, test and manufacture superior products destined to revolutionise the global fitness industry, dominate international markets and achieve phenomenal success