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Shipping & Delivery


PlatinumLabs.com™ will not send any order until payment for that product has been received in full. PlatinumLabs.com™ will endeavor to send all orders within one-two business day of payment being received in full.

PlatinumLabs.com™ assumes no responsibility for products that are lost or broken during transit, although PlatinumLabs.com™ will do our best to assist to customer to resolve the issue of any damage products.

All freight costs are inclusive of postage and handling.


PlatinumLabs.com™ assumes no responsibility for any Customs restrictions, tariffs, or other regulations that may apply in countries outside of Australia & the United States of America. If the customer has any Customs related questions, PlatinumLabs.com™ encourages the customer to speak with their country’s Customs office, although PlatinumLabs.com™ will ship any products the customer orders to the address that the customer provides.

The laws are different in every country, they change often, and PlatinumLabs.com™ cannot keep up with them all. The responsibility rests with the customer to check with their country's Customs office to see if their country allows the importation of products ordered.

PlatinumLabs.com™ will follow the exact directions in the customer’s order. If for whatever reason the order is seized by Customs, PlatinumLabs.com™ will not issue the customer a refund unless all products are returned to PlatinumLabs.com™ in their original condition (with the expense of return shipping borne by the customer).

Any duties or taxes that may apply to any international order are the responsibility of the customer.

PlatinumLabs.com™ assumes no responsibility for products that are seized by international Customs authorities.

International shipping can take between 2-4 weeks to arrive. Please email info@platinumlabs.com for any shipping enquiries.