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Post Workout Muscle Recovery Supplements

You just spent two hours at the gym and you rocked it. Your form was perfect, you hit a new record with your reps, lifted heavy, and you even sneaked some burpees into the end of your workout. After a good stretch, you're finished for the day, right? Wrong.

While many don't realize it, your body is still working after your workout is complete, and what you choose to do to your muscles after the fact is vital to your ongoing strength and the outcome of your next workout. Each time you have a heavy lifting session at the gym, your muscles are suffering from microtears, and immediately after finishing, your body is beginning the process of repairing itself. But sometimes, it needs a little bit of help.

In order to help keep your muscles growing and to help your body stay as healthy as possible, it's vital to focus on your post workout recovery. A good post workout recovery encompasses good nutrition and positive life habits. Here are three ways you can help to promote post workout recovery:

  • Sleep Well

While getting good sleep might seem like an obvious solution for all facets of life, getting a solid night's sleep is essential to your post workout recovery. Resting time is when your body is best able to recover and repair itself from the wear and tear of the day. Ideally, high intensity athletes should get up to nine hours of sleep per night, but at a minimum, aim for seven.

  • Don't Stress

The only time you should be sweating is when you're hard at work in the gym. Unlike the acute stress created each time you work out at the gym, chronic stress can significantly and detrimentally impact your body and mind. In fact, chronic stress can affect your recovery period after workouts, making your body susceptible to injury and fatigue.

  • Proper Nutrition

This is perhaps one of the most vital parts of your recovery routine. Getting the proper pre-, inter-, and post workout nutrition ensures that your body has the fuel it needs to reach peak performance. As far as post-recovery, it's essential that your body gets the proteins and amino acids that it needs.

For the best recovery possible, choose Platinum Labs' post workout muscle recovery supplement Amino Grow. Made with essential amino acids and ample protein, Platinum Labs' post workout muscle recovery supplements don't just help you recover, they improve your performance, too.

Amino Grow

AminoGrow is a high quality BCAA based recovery formula, using the most scientifically proven and anabolic promoting 2:1:1 ratio. 

Exercise is a unique time for the body, due to the extra exertion placed on the muscles they begin to act like a sponge, becoming highly receptive to any nutrients circulating in the blood stream and utilising them to recover and grow! It’s been known for a long time that our muscles require BCAAs at this crucial time but why stop there? 

Platinum Labs have taken recovery formulas to the next level by adding a full multivitamin spectrum as well to make sure we are getting those all-important micronutrients that many of us miss, and ensuring we get them at this critical time. 

Micronutrients include:
Vitamin A 
Vitamin D3
Vitamin E
Vitamin C
Vitamins B3,B5,B6,B2,B1,B12
Vitamin K1