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My absolute favourite Thermogenic product of all time! Among the few "fat burners" on the market which actually gives you results and instantaneous and long lasting energy throughout the day!
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Wowza! I definitely feel this is a good quality fat burner powder, and it isn't overly saturated in the market for the powdered form fat burners. I would recommend this product, but ultimately it comes down to your diet and exercise that will either make this product shine or rain! I wasn't expecting this product to be effective, let alone the almost insane energy/focus that I had felt! I applaud Platinum Labs for this product and the formulation, the taste, full disclosure of the ingredients, and for sending this one out to SR for me to review!
As always, I love me some fully disclosed labels! And that is exactly what we have with this product. 12 ingredients clearly broken down on the label, many of which I consider "clutch" for the weight loss game. On top of full disclosure, I also feel like they are all dosed very well.
What's in your

If you’re hitting the gym every day, you may think you don’t need a fat-burning supplement, but you’d be wrong. You have to give your body what it needs for optimal performance. Platinum Lab’s fat-blasting OPTIBURN Amped provides that. It’s packed with the nutrients your body craves and minerals that kick your metabolism into overdrive. With OPTIBURN Amped, you’ll burn off those pounds quicker than ever.

You can still benefit from a fat-burning supplement even if you aren't obese, but if you are obese, the right fat-burning supplement can cut your weight faster than you might imagine. Fat-burning supplements do more than just burn fat. You’ll boost your energy levels, suppress your appetite, and improve your concentration and overall health when you use a specialized fat-burning formula. The fact that it burns fat winds up being a bonus.

Choose OPTIBURN Amped when you want a fat-burning supplement that does more. Combining top-of-the-line minerals and nutrients, OPTIBURN Amped provides five different pathways to fat-burning success.

  • Thermogenesis: It boosts the body’s metabolic rate through heat.
  • Mood improvement: It improves mood, which makes it more likely that you’ll hit the gym.
  • Appetite suppression: It curbs cravings and stops mindless snacking.
  • Energy boost: It increases energy naturally with no crash and no jitters.
  • Natural diuretics: It sheds water weight and stops bloating.
    Premium Labs knows phenomenal ingredients lead to phenomenal results, and the company prides itself on its supplements. OPTIBURN Amped is made from natural and safe ingredients. It gives your body what it needs to help you look and feel great.

    Green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones help the body lose weight and keep it off. They lower overall body fat percentage and make cells more receptive to the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine. Combine this with CLA, an Omega-6 fatty acid, and extract from the African mango, and your body’s fat storage breaks down. OPTIBURN Amped even prevents more fat from forming. Your metabolism speeds up, so you burn more calories all day long.

    OPTIBURN Amped also features neferine, a natural mood booster found in the lotus leaf extract nelumba nucifera. Referred to as the “Indian locus,” it works as an antidepressant, anti-diabetes, and anti-obesity nutrient, and it is associated with the OPTIBURN feeling that everybody enjoys.

    OPTIBURN Amped’s unique formula uses dandelion root and horsetail stem extract, both natural diuretics, to help you shed excess water weight and reduce puffiness and bloating.

    OPTIBURN Amped also uses taurine, buffered caffeine, acetyl-L-carnitine and synephrine to boost your energy and keep you going all day without jitters, so you won’t crash in the middle of the afternoon.

    OPTIBURN Amped offers additional health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol levels as well as anti-aging benefits, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be taking this fat-burning supplement.


    OPTIBURN Amped has you covered whether you want to shed a few pounds before beach season, amp up your weight loss, or boost your energy. With its premium ingredients, thermogenesis metabolism boost, appetite suppressant, natural diuretics, and mood-improving neferine, OPTIBURN Amped keeps you going without the crash. Start today and see the difference.

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