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Intra-Workout Supplement

 When done properly, intensive strength training and heavy weight lifting can provide tremendous benefits for the body and show compelling results. Yet while the exercise itself is important, how you fuel your body is crucial for recovery, seeing results, and getting optimal performance in the gym.

We all know about pre-workout and post-workout nutrient intake, but what about intra-workout nutrient intake? When undergoing intensive or long-lasting exercise, our bodies need extra fuel to replenish and to help power through to the finish line. Just ask any long-distance runner: without intra-workout nutrition, it would be near impossible for a marathon runner to make it past that tenth or even fifteenth mile.

But what about mechanical digestion? For many, the idea of ingesting anything in the middle of an intense workout sounds stomach-churning. By definition, mechanical digestion is the process our bodies go through when breaking down food. Because of mechanical digestion, experts tell athletes to eat their pre-workout meal at least 30 minutes before activity. Otherwise, there wouldn't be enough time for our bodies to break the food down into energy. Ingesting three ounces of chicken or even a protein shake mid-crunch could make even the strongest of stomachs churn.

But luckily, there is a way for athletes to get an extra dose of nutrients mid-workout. To bypass the whole mechanical digestion process, nutritional scientists have created intra-workout supplements. These supplements allow athletes to nourish their bodies in the middle of an intensive training session. Intra-workout supplements maximize performance using a mix of stimulants, proteins, and other essential nutrients that the body needs.

Platinum Labs intra-workout supplements can give your body the nutrients it needs when it needs them, allowing you to achieve optimal performance, burn excess body fat, and build the muscle you've always wanted. Check out our online store today to find the supplement that works best for you.


Platinum Labs does not release products without painstaking research to ensure our products will be head and shoulders above our competition. With our newest product AnabolicTriad we have changed the game, again.

Utilizing only 3 cutting edge compounds, this anabolic powder product is dosed to be the most effective testosterone and anabolic boosting product legally available. 

Bulbine Natalensis
Bulbine Natalensis extract has been scientifically proven to boost testosterone levels over 300% increasing sex drive, muscle growth, fat loss and leutinizing hormone functions. Otherproducts may contain bulbine but nowhere near the dosages required to have these effects. AnabolicTriad has this powerful ingredient in a whopping 1000mg dosage.

5a-hydroxy Laxogenin increases protein synthesis dramatically via a non hormonal pathway. What does this mean? Well it means that your body will more effectively use the protein you are consuming and more easily use it for muscle repair and muscle growth. This anabolic state is usually only possible using hormonal drugs however Anabolic Triad can keep you anabolic all day, effectively and safely.

6’7’-Dihydroxybergamottin aka “DHB” is an extract from grapefruit that increases the bio-availability of chemicals and prevents the body breaking them down too quickly. This means the ingredients in AnabolicTriad will work more effectively and ensure you are getting the most from our groundbreaking and clinically dosed formula.