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Fat Burning Supplements For Men & Women

For health enthusiasts and athletes across the board, burning extra body fat is and should be a top priority. But where to begin? Here are three tips for how to burn that unwanted body fat once and for all:

Don't Be Scale-Obsessed 
The old adage "muscle weighs more than fat isn't exactly correct". However, it means that a pound of muscle is far more compact and dense than a pound of fat. Because of this, a person with a low body fat percentage and a high percentage of lean muscle might weigh more than someone with high body fat. When you're looking to track results, avoid using the numbers on the scale as a tool of progress because fat loss doesn't always equate to weight loss.

Strength Training is Key 
While cardio is a great way to get your vascular system pumping and burn calories, strength training is key to building lean muscle and burning unwanted body fat. Unlike cardio, strength training actually boosts your metabolism and burns fat even while you aren't working out. To get the ultimate burn, try high intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves bursts of cardio interspersed with short but intense strength training circuits.

Practice Proper Nutrition 
While exercise is a large part of the battle, without proper nutrition, you will never get the results you want. In order to burn body fat, maintain a diet that's high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Be sure to eat before and after workouts, and sometimes in between if your workouts are intense. To supplement your regimen, utilize fat burning supplements for men and women. The best fat burning supplements for men and women will help you to shed extra water weight, increase your metabolism, and improve your performance, enabling you to burn more fat when it counts. And most importantly, don't forget to hydrate frequently!

Optiburn Amped

The Key to Optiburn Amped’s unrivalled fat burning formula is the multiple methods of fat loss it utilizes. Optiburn Amped has 5 pathways to get you the leanest you have ever been while still feeling amazing! Our fans worldwide call this the “Optiburn Feeling”. With 13 active ingredients we call it the most complete fat loss powder ever produced! Winner of the 2015 Australian Arnold Classic “Weight Loss Product of the Year".

Thermogenesis is the process of boosting the bodies metabolic Rate through heat, Optiburn Amped contains a full spectrum of ingredients that heat you up and literally boost your bodies ability to burn extra calories! We have designed this product in the true Platinum Labs style of using well founded science with cutting edge ingredients that will have you literally burning off the fat, feeling sensational and looking Phenomenal.

Mood Enhancer
This is the reason people come back to Optiburn Amped again and again and rave about the “Optiburn feeling". Optiburn contains Nelumba Nucifera a lotus leaf extract which has been used for thousands of years to enhance mood and you will find dieting a breeze when you feel this good!

Appetite Suppressants
The hardest part about dieting is the food cravings, Optiburn Amped has natural appetite suppressants to stop the cravings and get your appetite under control.

Advanced Energy
Whats the point in working hard to get lean if you have no energy to power through your workout and your busy day? Optiburn Amped has people raving about how amazing they feel all day, every day. With zero crash and no jitters you will wonder how you got through your days before you started using Optiburn Amped!

Shed Stubborn Water
Look as lean as you really are by shedding any stubborn water that can come about from diet, stress, hormonal cycles or medications with our natural diuretics that are built into Optiburn Amped! You will look and feel less bloated and leaner within days of use

Optiburn Amped
takes all of these benefits and packs it into a full 45 servings of the most advanced fat burner ever seen!