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So good to use an intra that not only has BCAAs but also has vitamins in it for complete recovery! Orange is delicious as well!
Love, love, love this stuff. I noticed a difference if I do not take this during my workouts. This keeps me going for those long 2 hour workouts, and I use this whenever I play basketball helps with keeping the fatigue at bay. I forgot it for on of my games and I felt it the next day, could barely walk. Overall would say this helps me tremendously in my workouts and sports.
Platinum Labs have done it again with Amino Grow. This product is set to absolutely revolutionize the amino market and what is expected in your regular amino blend. First of all it mixed perfectly and we are massive fans of the watermelon flavour.
What's in your

You know your body uses energy and nutrients when you work out, but did you know that a recovery supplement can be just as important as a pre-workout boost? Without an effective recovery strategy, you aren't going to see the results you want, and your body will suffer.

For optimal results, turn to Platinum Lab’s Amino Grow. This high-quality and scientifically proven ergogenic recovery and growth hormone-boosting powder is loaded with nutrients, including vitamins and amino acids. Amino Grow brings you the best in recovery with a multivitamin approach that supplies you with micronutrients that are missing from most formulas.

Your body burns through energy during your workout, so it gets depleted. If you don’t replace what’s lost, muscles begin to break down and muscle mass maintenance becomes difficult, if not impossible. That’s where a recovery supplement comes in. The right supplement delivers muscle-building BCAA into the bloodstream, making it readily available, so your muscles can use it to repair and grow.

Platinum Labs doesn’t stop at giving you BCAA. Amino Grow is also packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and micronutrients that your body needs but too often lacks. This unique blend naturally increases the body’s production of human growth hormone by providing its precursors, and it helps your muscles heal and bulk up like never before.


Amino Grow is more than just a recovery supplement. It’s a multivitamin that fuels your body. Unlike other recovery supplements, Amino Grow offers health benefits far beyond the gym. With Platinum Lab’s commitment to using the best ingredients, you know you’ll get superior results.

Here’s what you can expect from the Amino Grow Recovery Supplement.

  • Bone health: Vitamins D3 and K increase the body’s ability to absorb calcium, making bones and teeth strong.

  • Anti-aging: With a blend of vitamins A and E and antioxidants, cells renew faster and free radicals are destroyed.

  • Muscle growth and repair: Along with BCAA, L-lucine and L-isoleucine help build and repair muscles and maintain muscle mass.

  • Energy boost: Vitamin B and L-taurine work together to increase energy and improve focus.

  • Improved brain function: Phenylalanine improves chemical communication in the brain and boosts mood, while L-alanine improves the function of both the brain and the nervous system.

  • A liver protectant: Threonine and methionine protect the liver from fatty buildup.

  • Immune system improvement: Vitamin C improves immune function.

  • Better digestion: Niacin regulates digestive health.

  • Take a supplement that will help you improve, not just recover.

    If you’re looking for a recovery formula, look beyond muscle mass retention and take the whole-body approach of Platinum Lab’s Amino Grow Recovery Supplement. This scientifically proven formula naturally increases human growth hormone and supplies your body with the micronutrients it’s missing.

    When it comes to giving your body what you need, you can trust Platinum Labs and its history of award-winning supplements. Each specially designed formula gives you everything you need and nothing that you don’t. Start today and feel the difference.

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